Tier 3 Activity 3 – Use metaphor in conversation

Unit 1
Tier 3
Activity 3
Speak metaphors

S3.3.2 Speak metaphors from the song

Hi and welcome to Unit 1 Tier 3 Activity 3. Please follow the button below for the next part of the activity.

This activity involves using metaphor to describe situations and feelings.

Metaphor can be confusing in personal communication. There are many metaphors that are specific to cultures throughout the world. Understanding some common English ones will help with personal conversation. A metaphor will describe something even though it is not literally true. Metaphor is often used in songs. We will create metaphor for Adele’s story. In this way you can understand where they come from. They create an image.

An example of a metaphor is

I heard, that your dreams came true

In this case a dream is not something that you have when you sleep, rather a desire or hope. Your wishes came true.

Or hide from the light

is a metaphor that describes avoiding something. Hiding from the light is not something Adele’s ex-boyfriend actually does. He is avoiding her conversation.

time flies

means that time moves quickly or appears to move quickly.

turn up out of the blue

is a metaphor (or idiom) that refers to something appearing out of nowhere. The blue refers to the sky – turn up out of the sky.

  • Introduction – 1 min
  • Speak metaphors from the song- 7 min

  • Use metaphor in conversation – 7 min
  • Speak a metaphor that describes a situation from a list – 7 min
  • Assessment – Describe a situation using a metaphor – 7 min
  • Conclusion – self rating of activity enjoyment, motivation, usefulness – 1 min