Tier 3 Activity 2 – Speaking lines using different tones

Unit 1
Tier 3
Activity 2
Speak a verse using specific tones

S3.2.4 Speak a verse using specific tones

Hi and welcome to Unit 1 Tier 3 Activity 2. Please follow the button below for the next part of the activity.

This activity involves using tones and volume to express emotions.

Try speaking the verse using the different tones below. you will note that the tone and the cadence is different for each emotion.





The image below of Robert Plutchik‘s Wheel of Emotions shows different stages of emotions – try to match these emotions to tones that you can use speaking.

  • Introduction – 1 min
  • Mimic the tones in the lines spoken – 7 min
  • Speak a line using the prompted emotional tone – 7 min
  • Speak a verse using specific tones – 7 min

  • Assessment – Expressing emotion through tone – 7 min
  • Conclusion – self rating of activity enjoyment, motivation, usefulness – 1 min