Tier 3 Activity 2 – Speaking lines using different tones

Unit 1
Tier 3
Activity 2
Mimic the tones

S3.2.2 Mimic the tones in the lines spoken

Hi and welcome to Unit 1 Tier 3 Activity 2. Please follow the button below for the next part of the activity.

This activity involves using tones and volume to express emotions.

The difference in language and tone often go together. This can often link to how polite a speaker is being. If we get frustrated or angry we are less polite. Understanding this change is important for personal communication.

Match the tones of the lyric below as it becomes angry.

I heard that you settled down






Along with tone is the words and cadence used. Rather than saying things fluently with few gaps between words a speaker who is irritated may have a different cadence – saying each word fully before the next. Try saying lines like this using a low tone.

For me it isn’t over



Most personal conversations change tones throughout the dialogue. Try to mimic the speakers change.

Sometimes it lasts in love sometimes it hurts instead


  • Introduction – 1 min
  • Mimic the tones in the lines spoken – 7 min

  • Speak a line using the prompted emotional tone – 7 min
  • Speak a verse using specific tones – 7 min
  • Assessment – Expressing emotion through tone – 7 min
  • Conclusion – self rating of activity enjoyment, motivation, usefulness – 1 min