Tier 2 Activity 2 – Speaking song lines in conversation

Unit 1
Tier 2
Activity 2
Extended conversation

S2.2.4 Extended conversation

Hi and welcome to Unit 1 Tier 2 Activity 2. Please follow the button below for the next part of the activity.

This activity involves responding to comments in conversation.

Conversations are complex which makes it hard to know what is going to be said from one moment to the next. Learning some phrases that you can remember easily is great to keep a conversation flowing naturally. We will practice having a conversation using the lines we have learnt from the song.

Example: Two people are having a conversation about their relationship. Speak Adele’s lines in the gaps. This may take a few attempts to get the timing right.

Ex-boyfriend: Adele. You wanted to speak to me?

Adele: Yes. I heard that you’ve settled down

Ex-boyfriend: Yes. I found a girl and I’m married now

Adele: I guess your dreams came true

Ex-boyfriend: Yes but you sound unhappy. It didn’t work between us.

Adele: I guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you. I hoped you would see my face and you’d be reminded that for me it isn’t over.

Ex-boyfriend: Adele you need to move on.

Adele: Never mind I’ll find someone like you.

  • Introduction – 1 min
  • Using the prompts respond to the comments using the given lyrics – 7 min
  • Picking lines to use – 7 min
  • Extended conversation – 7 min

  • Assessment – Live conversation – 7 min
  • Conclusion – self rating of activity enjoyment, motivation, usefulness – 1 min