Tier 1 Activity 1 – Speaking the song

Unit 1
Tier 1
Activity 1
Speak in the same cadence



The patterns of speech

The rhythm of speech

S1.1.4 Speak in the same cadence of the speaker

Hi and welcome to Unit 1 activity one. Please follow the button below for the next part of the activity.

This activity involves singing speaking and listening.

Speaking in different rhythms

Cadence is about the space between words and phrases. Changing the space changes the feeling of speech and sometimes the meaning. Controlling your rhythm when speaking is essential in singing and also important in speaking. Try to mimic the speaker in each audio clip.

  • Introduction – 1 min
  • Sing each line then speak the same line – 7 min
  • Speak the verse and chorus in one take – 7 min
  • Speak in the same cadence of the speaker – 7 min

  • Assessment – Recording of spoken verse 1 and chorus 1 – 7 min
  • Conclusion – self rating of activity enjoyment, motivation, usefulness – 1 min