Are You?

A Taiwanese University Student or Graduate?

To all participants,

Classes are as follows:

For Jan 17, 19 and 20, the venue will be Classroom 20 in the College of Liberal Arts Building (1st Floor) 文學院1樓文20教室

For Jan 18, the venue will be the Conference Room of the College of Liberal Arts Building (2nd Floor) 文學院2樓會議室

Group A is from 12pm to 2 pm

Group B is from 2pm to 4pm

Please meet 5 minutes before class.

Please contact me (in English) on 0905491296 or email with any problems.

Free English lessons

For Taiwanese University Students and Graduates

Free English lessons

Students are required for a study in learning English through music at NTU in January 2017. An 8 hour program over 4 lessons has been designed to test a new style of teaching English to Mandarin speaking students using music. Students will learn songs and focus on speaking skills over this short course.

Classes are taught by a Native English Speaking Masters Graduate from a top Australian University and are completely free of charge. Students will be required to come to four 2 hour sessions from the 17th to the 20th of January and be either currently enrolled in a university program or have graduated within the last 5 years. The study is limited to Taiwanese Mandarin speaking students.

Conditions apply to the Free English Lessons Program at New Style Teaching.
Old methods of learning English can be boring.
New Style Teaching can change the way you learn.

What is New Style Teaching?

At New Style Teaching we’re interested in making your education enjoyable. Most English schools in Asia have repetitive teaching styles that are not a fun way to learn. We hope to discover new ways to teach that makes students’ learning an enjoyable process. Our first study is using music to learn English. By using music we hope to engage your learning skills using different pathways of the brain; this could improve certain types of learning skills and be a more enjoyable way to learn. However, there is not enough research on whether this works so we are inviting Taiwanese university students and recent graduates to participate in a series of studies to find out.

The first study is a short 4 day course (2 hours per day) in which we will be comparing student engagement using the New Style Teaching (NST) method to students previous English education experiences. Students will learn 4 songs that have been popular in the western music scene. The program is designed around listening and speaking rather than reading and writing. As a group, students will learn to sing a song, then we will use the words and phrases in some speaking exercises. Students can work on aspects of English that they are most interested in and build an understanding at intermediate and advanced levels.

One of the key ideas in NST is that real English varies in different parts of the world; there is no ‘perfect’ way to speak. We believe that there is a ‘right’ way to speak, however, this means understanding the situation and using newly learnt words correctly. A simple example is how, in different English speaking countries, people say ‘Hello’. A Texan American might say ‘Howdy’, an Australian might say ‘G’day’, and a Scottish person may something that even English speaking people don’t understand. Using songs we can learn to identify ‘bad English’ or ‘slang’ that is used. Many times words will be used with alternative meanings such as ‘chill’ which can mean ‘cold’ but also can mean ‘relaxed’. Songs can teach many new situations and language systems that an English textbook won’t. Also, we think that music is fun, so that will make learning enjoyable.

If you are interested in taking part in this study please enrol now if you meet the entry criteria. If you are interested in future programs please connect with us via email on the contacts page. As we are an English language learning centre, English is our preferred language for contact. Any emails in Mandarin may take a few days to reply to.