• Learn English through singing

    Learning English through music is fun and effective

  • Improve public speaking

    Learning English through music helps you speak clearly

  • Central Location

    Queensland State Library - Southbank

  • Enjoy classes with friends

    Group discounts available - 20% off

  • Improve English fluency

    Learning English through music improves fluency of speech

Music makes classes interesting

Music improves learning English

NST uses music to make learning English interesting. By learning music in English you learn how to say words correctly. We then teach the meaning behind phrases and show you when to use them.

Real speaking not textbooks

Learn to speak english not just do tests

We focus on skills that allow you to talk with your friends, workmates and teachers. Being understood is the key to success at university and work. NST’s Brisbane program will teach you to sing and speak fluently.

Remember words easily

Songs help you memorise words quickly

Using songs to learn vocabulary is a great way to discover new words. At NST we practice new words through singing to help you remember them correctly. So practicing a song becomes your English study.

Develop confidence when speaking

Speak English clearly to your colleagues

Speaking clearly is developed by NST through learning to sing. Being confident in your voice improves your projection – how clearly people hear you. The rhythm in music helps you speak English fluently.

Why NST?

  • Singing is a fun way to learn English
  • Helps you say the words you can read
  • Enjoy classes with friends
  • Improve your performance speaking in class
  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced students
  • Central location – The Edge, Southbank, Brisbane


NST’s English through Music program is a 10 week language program that focuses on enjoying learning. We use music to learn words and phrases and then explain the meaning and how to use them. The classes involve both learning to sing (you can learn guitar too!) and how to speak. The main focus is on how and when to use phrases – pragmatics. In a class you will learn a song, practice singing as a group, use song lyrics in conversation, and¬† develop your own phrases. After class you simply practice the song everyday to help remember the lesson – no books! Your teachers at NST are not traditional English teachers, we are musicians and love performing. Classes will be fun, friendly with many laughs. We look forward to seeing you for our next program at the Queensland State Library, Southbank, Brisbane starting on August the 22nd, 2018.
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Next program

22/8/2018 to 24/10/2018 at 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Wednesday nights
at The Innovation Lab, The Edge, Queensland State Library, Southbank, Brisbane, QLD, 4000.

Full program

$30010 week
  • The full 10 week¬†English through Music program

Weekly payments

  • Per week option paid 1 week in advance – first payment $72, total cost $360